Call Analytics: Any way to search for specific issues in bulk?

Justin Kingston

We're currently trying to troubleshoot potential device/USB issues with our client base; being able to pull any calls that have dings for Device Issues would be invaluable for finding test subjects, etc.


Is there any means to get at this data in a different search mode than per-user, per-call?  I'm blindly stabbing for errors at this point (Online Only Deployment)

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@Mohamad Saleem Can you help to assist with this question?

we don't have other search modes yet. we working on those improvements, don't have date yet.

Is there (or will there be) any API/direct access to the CDR details?  (PowerBI, etc)

API /Direct Access is not available at this point. Its in the roadmap though.

Hi Mohamad, 

I second the original request.

Do you have a date on the roadmap?

If it isn't in the road map in, like, the next 3-4 months, then I would like to understand if Microsoft understands the priority of that data for some people, including those who use that data to defend the platform's place in the enterprise.


See "#Call Analytics" tag (specifically, this post:  (Skype for Business Preview Program --> Re: Is there some API to get data from Call Analytics ? )



Is there a date defined?


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