Skype for Business disables keyboard input

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I have just downloaded the latest skypeforbusinessinstaller-


Installing SFB on a macOS Mojave Version 10.14.3 MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar disables all input from keyboard in any application.


You can click and select text boxes with the mouse, but any keyboard strokes are met with a BEEP.

Right-click on any menu item or in the text box just flashes (I would assume the copy/cut/paste function). Same with the apple icon top left, just flashes. From the applications folder, you can start any application but attempted keyboard strokes are met with a BEEP.


The only way to gain keyboard control back is to force kill SFB, so you cannot even set preferences for SFB.


Any idea what could be wrong?

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I also have the same issue and can't use Skype for business. The regular Skype app works just fine. I am on Mojave v.10.14.5.