Why is there a limit of 10.000 participants in Skype Broadcast and what happens if you go over it?

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It seems strange Skype Broadcast has an upper limit of 10.000 participants and what will happen when you go over it? With LiveMeeting there is a limit of 1250 and number 1251 will receive an error message when trying to login. Will that also happen to number 10.001 when trying to login to a Skype Broadcast?

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It's not a hard limit like in some other meeting scenarios. It's simply a limit of what we test and support. In talking with the team, I've learned the support boundary is mainly to preserve a good experience for all the little things that support the broadcast (e.g. Q&A, Yammer, etc.).

Hi Doug,


I heard this before about the limit of what you test. But in a company as big as Microsoft, testing with a larger audience should not be an issue? And Azure Media Services should be capable of handling much more participants.

But maybe the crucial factors are indeed Q&A, Yammer and the other stuff.