What's New in the CCE 2.0.1

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Self-healing and Remediation Mechanisms

1. Manually shutdown/turned off one CCE VM, for example, Med VM, it is automatically restarted itself in 45 seconds later (Approx)

2. Manually shutdown/turned off ALL CCE VMs, they are automatically restarted themselves in 5 mins in 30 seconds later (Approx) in the following order one after another;
1. AD
2. CMS
3. Med
4. Edge

Shutdown/Turned off all VMs.



Restarting themselves one after another starting with AD ( it makes sense, doesn't it?)


3. Manually stopped SFB Mediation service in Med VM, it is automatically restarted itself in 1 minute in 30 seconds later (Approx)


Stopped Mediation service in Med VM


Automatically restarted itself in 1 minute in 30 seconds later (Approx)



4. Manually stopped SFB Server Access Edge service in Edge VM, it is automatically restarted itself in 1 minute in 12 seconds later (Approx)


What's NOT restarting?
Manually stopped SQL Server (RTCLOCAL) on Med VM but it's NOT restarting itself. 

Disabled SSL 3.0 on all servers.



CCE Accounts' Passwords Management

Now admin can easily see existing all CCE related accounts' passwords and is able to change them readily as follow:


To display existing CCE related accounts' passwords

To set an account password, for example, DomainAdmin's

Noted that though you can change Tenant Admin's password here, the changes stored locally in CCE's host machine -- it didn't write back to Office365 (no way).


Enabling MediaBypass
You enabled MediaBypass through SFB Online PowerShell,

  • New-CsNetworkMediaBypassConfiguration -Enabled $true
  • Set-CsNetworkConfiguration
  • Get-CsNetworkConfiguration



The setting will be propagated/synced to CCE Mediation VM on-premise as follow -- you don't have to configure or do anything on CCE Mediation VM on-premise. It syncs every 20 minutes.

Before MediaBypass Enabled. (SFB Online PowerShell)


After MediaBypass Enabled. (SFB Online PowerShell)



The setting is synced and propagated to CCE Mediation VM on-premise.



It also enabled MediaBypass automatically in cstrunkconfiguration on CCE Med VM on-premise.



You can see that the MediaBypass setting has been replicated to CCE Med VM as follow.


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This is my SFB Live Broadcast covering "What's New in CCE 2.0.1". 


Microsoft recently releases Cloud Connector Edition 2.0.1 with newly added features, capabilities, enhanced security, and self-remediation capability and fixes. 

Media Bypass is a significant addition to CCE's continuous improvement. At security front, Microsoft addressed SSL vulnerabilities. 

Unlike all its previous versions, current 2.0.1 comes with self-monitoring mechanisms and reduced admin passwords to managing CCE account credentials. Updating CCE appliance becomes simpler. All in all, CCE 2.0.1 is the most comprehensively improved version yet.



I welcome and appreciate all feedbacks. Thank you.