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Hi everyone,


We are using SCOM and Watcher nodes to monitor our Skype for business environment. However we have this implemented only internally and while we have a lot of travelling users we would like to monitor Skype from outside as well.

The issue now is how to report to our SCOM management server? We have setup external PC, but to get inside we need some kinda of SCOM Gateway, which we do not have. To avoid to install too many servers I have come to an idea to use one of our Skype for business Edge servers and install SCOM gateway server role to it. This would allow us to reach SCOM management server inside and view the alerts. But however I am bit concerned about the impact on Edge server I could get.


Have any of you tried to run SCOM gateway server together with Skype for business Edge server role? Had you any issues or everything worked perfectly?

Looking forward to hear your ideas or alternative suggestions on how to get external SfB Watcher node to report to that is placed inside of our corporate network.

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Hi Arunas,


To monitor your Edge server you do not need a gateway for it. You can add manually the server in SCOM , configure firewall if needed, install the agent and self created, rootca certificate on the Edge server. On the SCOM server you need to import the computer certificate of the Edge server. 


See this blog how to install untrusted servers:





Yes, but as in my scenario where public PC is completely out of company network with public IP and DNS, I have no chance making step 3 in the article provided

3. Untrusted servers must be able to resolve SCOM Management Server(s) by name. 


I would need to open connection from outside (NAT) to our SCOM server and that's not going to be allowed by security guys.

So I have an idea to make a gateway that would be on edge of our perimeter and that gateway would be installed on the Skype for business edge server. This way I will be able to reach SCOM gateway and forward the alerts all the way down to management server.


Or there are any other options?