Upgrade your SFB CCE or risk calls failure

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As mentioned here  https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt605227.aspx



"Microsoft will support version 1.4.2 for 60 days after the release of 2.0.1. All versions previous to 1.4.2 are no longer supported."


Plan your CCE upgrade as soon as possible.


How to upgrade current CCE to latest version? 

Please refer to the following article on how to upgrade CCE to latest version in 1 single step.


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I had some big issues last week with upgrading our CCE. We still had 1.4.2 running, I started the manual upgrade and the installer installed 2.0.1. The setup was interrupting while setting up networks and certificates. Thanks to Shawn Harry I got the 2.0.0 msi installer.

After uninstalling 2.0.1 and installing 2.0.0 the upgrade went great.

The final upgrade to 2.0.1 was also great and without any failures.

@Erwin Bierens, thanks for sharing your experiences. In fact I did too upgrade from 1.4.2, then 2.0.0 immediately after its release and finally to 2.0.1.


@shawn harry helped me gotten previous CCE version as well.