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I have used the SRS Deployment kit to update our Skype Room installations in the past. I am now trying to update our Skype Room Systems to at least v4.0.8.0, but the deployment kit is still only version

Using the following PowerShell command:

Add-AppxPackage -Update -ForceApplicationShutdown -Path '\\<share>\$oem$\$1\Rigel\x64\Ship\AppPackages\*\*.appx' -DependencyPath (Get-ChildItem '\\<share>\$oem$\$1\Rigel\x64\Ship\AppPackages\*\Dependencies\x64\*.appx' | Foreach-Object {$_.FullName})


This is the process I have used in the past to build the Skype Room image using CreateSrsMedia.ps1


How can I go about getting at least v4.0.8.0?


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:( I guess I will ask our TAM to see if they can find someone to help. I will reply back if I get somewhere with that in case others are looking.

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From my TAM (Forgot to add this in earlier)

"SRSv2 systems are designed to gather updates from the Windows Store, and the MSI/Deployment kit will always lag behind.  Unfortunately I was not able to get an ETA on the next version of the Deployment kit from the Program Manager for SRSv2."