unable to sign in with auto configuration




I am having difficulty to sign in sfb on premises with automatic configuration. Manual works fine. The following gathered from fiddler.


We can see it is resolving lyncdiscoverinternal.domain.com (autodiscover) and it was tunnel to lyncwebint.domain.com. However it is not directing to hostname lyncwenint.domain.com. It just stuck on tunneling, failed and continue with other autodiscover method (autodiscover remaining)

fiddlerfiddlerautodiscoverautodiscoverautodiscover remainingautodiscover remaining


The fiddler has https decryption enabled. What is the likely cause here? Thanks!

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Try to browse that manually from web browser - Anything changed on LB or DNS? 

https://lyncwebint.domain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc - if client internal





The autodiscover page is accessible

if i am trying the manual configuration it works. which is sip.domain:5061 and sip.domian:443
is it possible for me to register a cname from sip.domian2 to sip.domain? likely will this work? will it go port 5061 or 443?