Unable to move via PowerShell but fine by GUI


Hello All,

I have a customer where I can easily move users via the Lync GUI, however, I can not move via PowerShell.  I've seen https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/ie/en-US/6e3a9a41-c55b-4b1e-8e8b-bdefa83fc31e/movecsuser... and have tried the suggestions.  I've attributed a Domain Controller, all fine.  DCOM errors are now nonexistent. 


Has anyone else seen this or have visibility what the actual GUI is running to enable users?

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Lync Server 2013?


Any firewalls between pools or pools and DC's?


Can you try from a different FE/Pool? is the issue Pool/FE specific?

The issue follows and is consistant between different FEs, sadly only a single pool so I can't move to another pool other than the old one we are migrating from. 


Regarding the firewall, yes, there firewalls in place however not between front ends and DCs as far as I am aware. 


Yes, it's Lync 2013, latest CU. 

 Hi Jason


The user account you're trying to move, have they got inheritable permissions granted in AD?

Also check that the domain controllers are replicating healthy

It appears that so much of it has to do with DCOM and I’ve seemed to resolve this issue. In this environment there are next to no admins, no one has any elevated privileges that I would need to inherit as part of the migration. I can run the move the entire company using whatif and it completes without error at times and others I can’t move a single person, completely perplexing.