The “Landscape View” in Skype for Business Statistics Manager is not updating data in real-time.

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I'm looking for help to fix an issue with the Skype for Business Statistics Manager.

Recently, I've noticed that KHIs stopped to update automatically in the “Landscape View” and in the “Grouped by KHI” view. Connection state is “Connected (Streaming Data)”. Data on the Charts for KHIs are updating without any issues in real time when I switch to any of the charts view.

I have tried:

  • different browsers (Chrome, IE, Edge);
  • different PCs (Client and Server OS);
  • PC without updates installed since the “Landscape View” was working;
  • prod and test environment (the same issue);
  • investigated StatsMan event logs on servers (no errors/warnings);
  • investigated IIS logs on the StatsMan server (many “304” responses for page corresponding the “Landscape View” page);
  • cleared Redis data (redis-cli flushall) and reinstalled all components (Redis, Listener, WebSite);

Any help in fixing this issue or additional investigation ideas are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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I have fixed this issue.

The root cause was that the Time Zone on StatsMan servers (Prod and Test) was changed to correspond to the current location of the servers. When I changed the Time Zone to the one that was set when StatsMan was installed, KHI views started to refresh data in the real time.

@Святослав ТерлецькийAre you talking about time zone set in windows server? I have the same time zone for all servers, but "Landscape view" is still not loading for me.