Thanks for your Feedback & Congrats to George Thomas!


Thanks to everyone who participated and provided us valuable feedback via the Microsoft Skype for Business Community Survey.

We learned a lot about our community and what our members are looking for to further engage.  While you currently get most of your Skype for Business news via Microsoft Tech Community, Twitter, and through participation in Microsoft events, you would like to further engage with us through Tech community discussion forums and blog posts.  To that end, we have some work to do to further engage our engineering team and we're re on it.  We also learned that you'd like to hear more about upcoming releases, product deep dives, and implementation guidance as part of our broadcast series.  We are currently reviewing our blog strategy and broadcast series planning and will keep you up to date! 

Congratulations to George Thomas, who won the raffle for $50 Amazon gift card!  We are listening & take your feedback very seriously.  Thanks again for your feedback and stay tuned for other exciting news on Skype for Business.

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