Stuck on SrS with Exchange Online and SfB On Premise


I am running SfB on Premise and Exchange online.  I have gone through the docs here  However we are running with ADFS.  So how do I create a room in O365 while using SfB on Premise.  The new-mailbox assumes that this is a cloud only account without on premise.  If I understand it right, I have to first create the account in Office 365, THEN create the AD account then enable the on-premise csmeetingroom?  Is that really right?  What happens if the AD account already exists?

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To update this I did the new-mailbox command, the user account was setup as, which I could not change to Then created an local premise AD account and ran dirsycnc, I now have two accounts, the cloud account and the on-premise account.
I agree the documentation is not very clear on this. We have the same setup as you but opposite, Exchange on-premise and SfB in O365 and using ADFS. We created the AD account, assigned it a mailbox on-premise, waited it to sync to O365, assigned license so it got SfB Online Plan 2. And that worked...
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So, here is what ended up I needed to do to make this all work.

1. We are still running hybrid exchange, so I had to create the mailbox (not a room) on premise, then move it to O365 then do a set-mailbox -type room

2. Because the SrS is NOT joined to the domain, I had to install the internal cert chain on the SrS.  I have now changed all of our SfB Systems to use Public certs for everyting, except the computer cert and the oAuth.