Starting to Learn Skype for Business? See this TechNet Blog for Resources

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I recently published a blog to provide many different options when starting to learn Skype for Business. This includes YouTube channels, virtual labs, trial Office 365 tenants, the Skype Operations Framework Academy, and many additional useful resources.  Please ask questions and/or provide feedback!

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Thanks for putting this together!  

Great resource.

But, nothing about Skype for Business development... ;)


I can help compile some useful links if you like?



Hi Tom,
Would love the assist and thank you for your offer. Please send me the list when ready. I will look into modifying the blog and will certainly add you as a reference.

A good start,

In addition, I really want to give the WIKI post a boost here:


Feel free to join the community of writers and update it with missing subjects and liks you find relevant.

(Or add it as a link to your page ;)