SRS - loosing config

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We have 9 SRS-systems (Logitech Smartdock) now and experience that 4 of these looses it's camera/sound config regularly - see the attached picture. 

Is this a known issue?

They have Win10 1703 and of the app.

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I haven't personally seen it on my devices, but it definately sounds like you might have found a bug.

The red text below the audio device selection is shown when the admin configured device cannot be found, causing the app to revert to back to the Windows default speaker/mic.


Does the audio device selection drop down enumerate the audio devices you expect?


I would recommend running mmsys.cpl to see if Windows thinks the audio devices you configured are connected or if those devices are getting reinstalled with a new device name (ie. <Audio Device Name>2,3,4...) which would cause the behavior you are seeing.