SRS Dual Display Windows Size Issue




I am hitting an issue with multiple Logitech SmartDock/Flex SRS deployments with dual screens failing to size the SRS windows correctly on any of the 3 display (2 x Front of Room and 1 x SRS). On screen wake up the SRS windows do not revert to full size and only occupy a quarter of the screen estate on all of the 3 displays. This is only resolvable via a restart. This is running the very latest Windows 1803 and SRS, but it did happen on 1709 and earlier SRS releases, so is not a new issue. In general the frequency of this issue seemed to reduce once a full upgrade from 1703 all the way through to 1803 was completed, but it has not gone away.


Has anybody seen this issue ?


Anybody got a workaround?


I would like to try an Gefen EDID minder to see if that resolves this but that will not work inside a SmartDock Flex system as there is no space.


I am assuming this is down to some sort of race condition occurring and the SRS and displays failing to agree on the resolution to use.



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I am experiencing this issue as well, Windows 1803 and Skype

We're still finding it occurring too, but not often. I don't think the MS development team are aware of it as previous discussions have expressed surprise on this one.