Sort users in SfB Online admin center


I found a disturbing issue with the SfB Online admin interface.


When using en-US collation the user list is sorted nicely on display name attribute.



But if collation is changed to other language, e.g. en-GB, da-DK or sv-SE the user list is not sorted on display name anymore.



This bug should be fixed.


/Kenneth ML




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Hey Kenneth - thanks for flagging!!


We're actively working now in a redesign of the SFB Admin portal that provides a consistent set of capabilities and design across all the different areas here.  For example.....we want to get CQD, Call Analytics, and the SFB Admin Console to all look, feel and operate consistently.  A big part of that work is around these table views and how we allow for searching, filtering, sorting, etc.


We don't have any dates we can share publicly on this work quite yet.  At the same time we'll take this issue with the current admin portal under consideration....appreciate it!!