Sonus SFB CCE Certificate Issue

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Found the following issue when I did "Prepare CCE" step. I got the certificate from Godaddy, it has a valid private key but the issue is persisting.  


Did you all face the same or similar issue before? How it had been solved? 







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Found a solution to fix it.


There are two options to address this issue;


1. Upgrade current Sonus default Firmware 6.1.0 to to latest stable version 6.1.2 (Sonus mentioned in its Release Note that this is a known issue) OR

2. Follow below steps

Generate CSR from Sonus, import using Base64 certificate.


2. Submit it to your public SSL certificate service provider


3. Import the certificate (*.cer) you downloaded from your public SSL provider into your PC ( any PC) and export as  Base64 format.





4. Open  exported name.cert Base64 certificate in Notepad, copy all text, paste it in Sonus.





5. Re-prepare CCE , it went through successfully like a magic. 



For those who prefer to upgrade Sonus Firmware, please let me know if you all need detail instructions and steps.