Skype Server 2015/Skype client 2016 - Create subject chat room or subject matter expert (SME) rooms

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in our old IM product (not Microsoft) we were able to create an 'expert group' or subject matter expert queue.  when the corp user post a question in the SME queue, the assign user(s) would get a notification to answer the question.


I posted a similar question to the teams forum but decisions have delayed migrating to 2019.  so I'm posting the same question back to this Skype server 2015 forum (using skype client 2016).


I can't figure out how to do this with Skype 2015 persistent chat.   Based on the architecture of persistent chat with topic feeds, I could create a category and then assign specific users or groups (from AD or exchange distribution lists) to a 'room' that doesn't really work.  


in theory, I would have to add the entire company to a single chat room and then have the monitors/mangers/SME create 'topic feeds' to get alerts that a question was posted (can we set this all up with a powershell command)?


category > chat room > then what?  add a topic feed (but not ego)?


trying to accomplish that an end user posting a question about benefits to an HR benefits chat room or asking a 'how to' question' to a specific chat or group IM room.



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