Skype Room Systems v2 - first impressions

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So we just installed a Skype Room Systems v2 (Logitech Group) in our largest conference room. Here are our first impressions when it comes to the software. We have Exchange 2016 on-premise and SfB Online in O365.


  • There's one issue with dialing a number when you don't have PSTN Calling in your region. Maybe this is by design or maybe I just got it wrong (here's my discussion on that)
  • You should disable the Surface Pro 4 built-in front and rear camera because otherwise when you choose to start the video, you have three cameras to choose from. It's not mentioned in the Deployment Guide but we figured it out they are in the Device Manager -> System Devices.
  • Speaking of this, you shouldn't need to choose a camera at all if there's only one (1) camera - just default to that camera.
  • We have a huge 100"+ projector screen in this conference room and when a single attendent call in with video, that person gets a full screen with their huge face. I don't know how we would technically solve this (I guess 2 * 55" is a better setup) but it feels like Big Brother ;).
  • If a presenter in the room connects their laptop via HDMI and start something with a video (like Youtube) the sound outputs into the conference room and the sound is only catched up by the rooms speaker's which gives quite bad results. It should be able to get the sound from the HDMI input but then again, the deployment guide clearly states that "Audio playback over HDMI can only be heard locally" so maybe it's some technical reason why this is not possible.
  • The DIY setup might be a little bit overly complicated selecting the correct inputs/outputs etc. Since the SRS application only works on "certified" versions, it should be possible for Microsoft to automate this and verify the settings remain the same after updates etc. But they have mentioned automated deployment scripts are coming.
  • The dock (Surface Pro 4) screen is quite sensitive to fat fingerprints so after a while you need to clean it but maybe someone has some magical solution for that :)
  • I hope the OMS management/monitoring solution will be available soon so we effectively can monitor the SRS so we can be proactive because users in general don't create a support ticket for conference room systems, they just give up :)

Then there are some minor Logitech hardware first impressions but that's not related to Microsoft.

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We have a pretty basic setup where the Logitech Extender Box is connected directly via HDMI to our large screen in front of the conference room. Speaker wise, we use the one built-in into Logitech. Are you looking into a more complex setup?

christophe limet wrote
3. After each reboot of the device, the WIFI connexion is lost and i need to switch back to ADMIN to recover my internet connexion, then launch back Skype APP

From what I remember, Wifi is not supported - you must use cable to connect to the LAN. Makes sense if you ask me to minimize the risk of bad user experience/lag.

@Andrew Allston wrote:

I have to ask since i cant find any info anywhere, where are you guys getting the hardware? All my distributors tell me i cant get my hands on one till april when they start shipping.

That seems to be true here as well but we are a Microsoft partner and our Distributor allowed us to buy some systems that we "build" ourselves (mount the Surface in the Dock etc). Seems like there is some licensing issue discussed (for example, who should give support, Microsoft? Logitech?) and all of us agree that this should probably have been discussed a long time ago :)

I am.  I see these being used in any size space, from a huddle room to an auditorium.  Right now we have PCs with the full Skype client installed connected to existing room a/v via Vaddio bridge and it works great.  I don't see why we can't do the same with this new technology.  Just wondering if anyone else has tried it yet.

Hello Jonas,

I have the same issue with LAN ethernet connexion, i get disconnected every night, we use an entreprise connexion with proxy pac file and i suspect the connexion to be reset every 24hours. I can check the system logs to be more precise.

Any news regarding this issue? The autoupdate of the app "broke" all of our Skype Rooms Systems and we got the following two errors at startup (see Attachments, it's in german, but i think it's helpful)


Edit: Works now again, uninstalled the app and run the finalize script again..

Edit again: Today this happens again, seems that the daily schedule task breaks it...

Apologies. This issue was a fire drill on our side and deeply embarassing. It was due to a service side change made by the Windows Store team around license check. The fix was deployed to their service on Monday 10pm PST so it should be resolved now. You may need to reboot for it to take. Please let me know if you still see issues.

 i'll try tomorrow and give you a feedback if this issue is resolved.

Update doesn't work either, with or without maintenance script. Update is downloaded but install fails.

Btw. is the "Mention Feature" disabled, i always got an bad html error..

I'm getting this error currently, are we still waiting on a fix?
HI David,
Do you have some release notes about this ? Did you remove the powerpoint attachment in the calendar meeting ?

I did some tests before the update and it worked perfectly, since update i can't attach my powerpoints....Is it by design now ?

Does version support two external monitors?  or will it only be supported in the next update?

Hello Martin
For sure it doesnt support yet dual screens , just one . If you plug second screen you get a duplicated screen of your surface which is not full screen.

Sorry to be that guy, but i can not figure out the admin password for the life of me.  I tried to change the password in the AutoUnattend.xml but the install would just stop working.  I know its something that i am doing and hopefully its something small, but if anyone could assist i would greatly appreciate it.


I am using the "Configure a Skype Room System v2 Console" tutorial and the equipment is a packaged deal from logitech.


I also tried the password that is included in the file, but it is not working for whatever reason.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!




nevermind... password is "sfb"... not sure where that is documented, but support seems to have the answer.
Any news on this Error (0x80070216) , we are still facing this and there seems to be no resolution available.


thanks for sharing this KB article, that resolves the update error.




Got a weird intermittent issue since the 2.0.2 update (Logitech SmartDock).  The SRS will randomly stop outputting HDMI to our display; moving the HDMI over to the 2nd port restores signal, for sometimes up to a week, then it randomly decides to drop again.  Anyone else having that, or any insight?  This is on a completely fresh load of Windows 10 had LTSB on there originally, reloaded for the Windows Store for the udpate.

Hi David,
Do you have a changelog for SRS updates (specifically
We have currently deployed about 25 SmartDocks with Skype Room System.
These do currently have updates blocked, due to us wanting to test the updates, and know what has been changed before updating.

Also, how's the progress on dual Front of Room screens going?
Eagerly waiting ;)

Would also ask about a certain anomaly with our Lumens VC-B20DU. This is a DVI-camera sold with an HDMI-capturecard. The interesting part was connecting this to our SmartDock we couldn't get the camera to work. After disabling the "SmartDock HDMI capture" in device manager we got the camera-feed as screen sharing (in place of the "SmartDock HDMI Capture").
Is this a known issue? Are you considering to add an option to change default camera input?

Also, are you going to add a camera preview and microphone activity indicator in the SRS settings screen?