Skype room systems v2 and existing equipment

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The technet articles describing srs v2 allude to reusing existing hardware, but if you read through the deployment documentation it starts to sound like this is not the case; that you in fact need to buy a surface pro 4 and some supported hardware and pitch your existing stuff in the bin. When will srs v2 be available for existing codecs such as the polycom cx8000, or for windows 10 pcs and laptops with touch screens?
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The newer 'v2' Skype Room System platform is entirely different from the previous LRS/SRS platform which was based on the SMART or Crestron RL1/RL2 appliances.  It cannot be used to upgrade the existing core hardware.  It could in theory be used to replace the core hardware and connect to some of the existing peripherals (monitors, cameras, microphones) but is not quite there yet.


Availability of this new solution is through one of the three official program partners (Crestron, Logitech, and Polycom).  You would purchase one of their 'docks' which is the base unit with an embedded Surface Pro 4 device.  You cannot source the Surface Pro yourself and use the SRS universal application to build your own package.