Skype Room System v2 Functionality

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Lookign at getting in one of these, struggling to find a pre built option in the UK so may have to go down the install Windows and SRS app ourselves!


One major question on functionality that I have not been able to work out from videos etc. is are remote participants (on Skype) in a meeting able to share their desktop into the session? Staff ar eused to doing this now in meetings so I can see it confusing them if not, unless there is a different recommended way of working.


Many thanks


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Hi Ian,

It looks bit techy but feasable, you might need the correct tools to connect to your Exchange env on prem or in the cloud. Then use the commands or give a try to the script already made.

I think the SRS2 can receive the content of remote desktop.
Hi Ian, absolutely, remote users can share their content into the meeting. They just need to be in the meeting on their SfB client/Surface Hub and it comes into the main screen on the SRS.

Great, thanks Graham. I could not find any demo videos showing this so good to know for sure! Now I just need to find somewhere to by one from in the UK with pre-configured Windows Enterprise.

I reckon you will be quicker getting hold of the smartdock and buying the SP4 separately. TD Mavericks are the disti in the UK. Just need to follow the scripts to image the device on TechNet. Full details here

Thanks, issue for us is the need to image with WIndows Enterprise ... we do not run Enterprise. I have this AM receive a quote for pre-built system so hopefully good to go !