Skype room system cant sign in

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I have a problem logging on to Skype for Business on-premise with 2 different Skype room systems.


Both are on version and I am seeing this error message: we can't sign you in because the server couldn't be reached or the server version is incompatible


The customer has as the SIP address and has locally. I have put both domains in the configuration page on the SRS. I have also tried the registry fix HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SkypeRoomSystem Trustedmodeldata = "all domains configured"


I have tried to connect one of the SRS through internet, then it authenticates with the edge server, same problem.


Is there anybody that has a solution for this?


PS: I know they work, tried to connect to another Skype for Business org and it works. Also work onOffice 365.


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Ok, so I found the solution. Customer was missing the Lyncdiscoverinternal and lyncdiscover dns entries.