Skype presence not working in SPO with Chrome/Edge

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On the subject this nice feature that you could use Skype via browser in O365 SPO is not working anymore with Chrome or Edge. Only working browser is IE11 so is there a fix for other browsers or some policy restriction in Chrome that prohibits this function?
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I tested in exchange online now, and had the same error. Not able to log in to SfB in Chrome.

Working in Edge. Updated Chrome, restarted browser and reopening with the same tabs. Still problem. Closed down everything on my comptuer including Chrome, and was going to do a Wire Shark trace to see if i could see what was going wronge. Now all of a sudden it started to work. Could it be a temp bug? Is it workign with you now?
Have been som changes to soem tenants to day and people getting Teams and not SfB in o365. Could be something with that.
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Correction to the problem that it's the login to the IM that is not working hence precense also is missing.

Closing down all other aplications than your browser and run a trace to see what happens in the background when logon fails.