Skype Meeting Broadcast using internal network multicast

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Is there a solution for multicasting Skype Meeting Broadcast events on the internal network besides Hive? Our network is already multicast enabled and we prefer not to have to use a third party solution if possible. We can't have 10,000 users all connecting to a video event through our internet connection.

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We are in the same situation, and will be playing with IPTV, by feeding it the broadcast as a separate channel.
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Unfortunately, there is no way to leverage the multicast environment that you have in place. (Even if we did, to be effective, we'd have to remove the DVR-like capabilities and force everyone to the live view. Early research with customers showed that most did not support multicast and the DVR features are really compelling.)


Besides Hive, there is also Kollective ( But, that is still another third-party solution.

Thank you Doug.  I assumed this would be the answer, but I wanted to get some second opinions before taking this back to the network guys.

+1 on Kollective. Great Solution.