Skype for Installation with Single Firewall

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I'm planning to install Skype for Business 2015. I'm doing the research part now.


We have small office setup with Single Firewall. It will be great if someone guides me to install SFB with Single Firewall.


I will install SFB Server on my LAN. The constraint I'm facing is edge server deployment. Is it possible to deploy edge on DMZ..?


Can I use architecture mentioned in the attachment..? Is there any security issue in this setup..?


Any new architecture suggestions also appreciated..!!! 


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Your scenario is possible, that being said its a big hole into your network. Check this post -


The question I will ask now, is why not look at Skype for Business Online and remove the requirement for on-premises architecture?

Thanks for your response Andrew.


It is a management decision to keep every server in the on-premise and we have a license too.


I viewed the link you are given. Is any other alternative architecture is available..?