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Hi Everyone! I am a tech recruiter in NJ looking for some guidance on where to look for a Skype for Business Enginer/SME for a project in Jersey City, NJ. I know the product is fairly new and it has been difficult to find someone who has done a full implementation. Any help is very much appreciated. 


Please feel free to email me. Have a great day! 

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It's not that new, but you're right it's a tough skill to come by these days because of the demand.  If they have trouble finding someone, I think working with a qualified partner who can demonstrate success might be a good path.  The best Skype engineers I know are all tucked away at partners or the vendors listed that they'll need to work with.

Thanks Anthony! We are definitely willing to work on a corp to corp basis if that's what you mean. If you know anyone feel free to pass along my details. I appreciate your insight! Thank you, Angela