Skype for Business Shared Line Appearance


I'd like to get a discussion going on this relatively new feature in S4B called Shared Line Appearance.  This is really a "legacy" type feature and can prove useful for scenarios where you want inbound calls to ring on multiple phone sets without having to create a Response Group (RGS)


I believe there is room for improvement for this feature and if you have tried implementing it you will likely agree there are a few shortcomings.  Top of my most frequently asked feature requests is the ability to make outbound calls as the SLA itself vs the actual DID of the phone set.  It would be great to have the option to do either or even fully disable the option to have local DID per phone. 


I would also like the ability to make SLAs work without the requirement of an AD user, like a common area phone works.  In large enterprises, requesting user accounts that are not tied to actual users is generally greeted with a "sorry no can do"


Other issues are with the way the phone displays the SLA.  If you configure the phone with a max number of two shared line appearances for the busy on busy option, it will show two lines with the SLA name however the second call that call that comes in receives a busy tone.  Users complain they would have expected this on the third call since they can see two lines. 


What are your thoughts on SLA?  What would you like to see out of this feature?

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Thanks for the great post, Dino.  I'm looking forward to seeing what others experience has been, too.  For specific feedback items, please be sure you also post those at so we formally track those requests.  This should be good community discussion, here - thank you!