Skype for Business Server 2015 - Web App Error

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The following diagram is essentially the design of our SfB 2015 deployment.  The only major difference is that FE 2 is at a field site connected to the head office via an IPSEC VPN.  Is connection to the HTTP RP, the Edge and the FE 1 server is across that VPN.


SFB Ref.png


We have a user that resides on FE Server 2.  When he send out meeting requests to external (to the organization) users and they try to connect to the meeting using the Web App, we get the following error.


SFB Error.png



I have tried to validate that everything from the external web proxy is correct and as far as I can tell it is.  I have already run the installer on the FE hoping that would solve the issue but not a chance.  At this point I am not sure where to turn.

Any users that are on FE1 that do the same thing, that process works 100%.

Any advise would be appreciated.



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