Skype for Business Salesforce Integration

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A while back on, there was an opportunity to test a skype for business integration inside of Salesforce. It's no longer listed on so I was curious if this was canceled or if there were still plans to implement?

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Skype for Salesforce integration has the following features in Beta as of 9/9/2016: Presence, Chat, Video Calling and Audio Calling. To test it out, you can sign up a Salesforce organization at, then following instructions in release note at
Thanks for the information, that's very helpful and good to see that it's coming soon. For audio calling, if we have Cloud PBX & PSTN Calling, will we be able to use it to call Cell/Landlines or will this be purely peer to peer inside your organization?
Good to know that this is coming soon. I feel like it's worth the mention, hoping it can also help others. Our company was previously looking for a solution that can help with the integration and we ended up settling for Tenfold, which is a third party CTI. You can look them up if you're looking for a solution while this is in the works.