Skype for Business Online Tenant Data Upload




We are adopting Skype for business & MS Teams in our organisation. We started using different tools and one of them is Call quality dashboard (CQD). To get the best out of this tool, we should upload our Tenant (building) data.

While I find information about how to fill in the data and what type of data I have to provide
I find very few examples how to make TSV or CSV file for the buildings that have multiple network ranges.
For example we have offices accross the world, some of them are very big, some smaller and a single building has a lot of networks. We use all ranges of private IP addresses for different purposes - Guest wifi, Corporate lan, Corporate wifi in the same building. How do we define that in the data file?

One of the examples is give by MS

NetworkNetworkNameNetworkRangeBuildingName OwnershipType BuildingTypeBuildingOfficeTypeCityZipCodeCountryStateRegion InsideCorpExpressRouteøborg Office24SøborgPrivate BuildingHomeHomeSøborg2860DKDKEMEA00 Office24LyngbyMicrosoft BuildingOfficeHQLyngby2800DKDKEMEA10

But that again describes two different buildings. What if we had same two networks in the same building? Would example below will work and reflect correct data in the reporting?

NetworkNetworkNameNetworkRangeBuildingName OwnershipType BuildingTypeBuildingOfficeTypeCityZipCodeCountryStateRegion InsideCorpExpressRouteøborg Office Wifi24SøborgPrivate BuildingHomeHomeSøborg2860DKDKEMEA10øborg Office LAN24SøborgPrivate BuildingHomeHomeSøborg2860DKDKEMEA10
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The way I understand it, the "network" column is the important one, all others are just additional information. So your example should work.

That's what I think too. But when navigating through logs, you can only choose by building, not by network, so would be nice to know if all the networks are attached to that building behind the scenes. 

That is very confusing, because no one explains this for 100%