Skype For Business On-premise Hybrid with existing sub-domain in O365

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We have a sip-domain "" on-premise and our students have "" sip-domain located in SfB Online only.


Just tried to setup Skype For Business On-premise 2015 to a hybrid with Office365. Everything worked except federation/presence status from cloud domain ( to on-premise domain.

After I ran a debug I encountered this error:

"ms-diagnostics: 1017; reason="Cannot route From and To domains in this combination"; summary="Domain type analysis indicates that the ms-split-domain-info header in the message is the wrong type”"


Which pointed me to the MS article here:


So my question to you guys, to get this working from what I understand I need to take "" in public facing certificates on my on-premise edge and I also need to point federation DNS records to this domain on-premise. But what about other DNS records? Should this domain be a part of my topology? How much work do I need to do internal with simple urls, dns, certificates and so on. All our users in this domain will still contain Online.

I struggled to find this scenario exactly online.


Any answers would be much appreciated.

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