Skype for Business MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) - Available Now

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Hi all!

I wanted to share some great FREE training available to you called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).  The first of three Voice and the first of three Infrastructure Skype for Business MOOCs have been released on These new Skype for Business courses cover topics ranging from cloud voice planning and workloads to how to plan, design, configure, and maintain a Skype for Business deployment. . This is in addition to the Skype for Business Fundamentals MOOC that is already on Take a look at the courses below and share with your colleagues, partners, and customers.


Skype for Business: Fundamentals - Available now
Want to learn about Microsoft communications and collaboration solutions and products? Skype for Business provides a single platform for both meetings and voice at hyperscale. This course is an introduction to Skype for Business. By completing this course, you will learn about the vision, value, features and capabilities of Skype for Business. No previous knowledge is needed.


Skype for Business: Voice Concepts and Planning -  Available now
First in a series of Skype for Business Voice courses, this course will teach you how to plan and deploy voice capabilities with Cloud PBX. This course will help you prepare for taking the “Deploying Enterprise Voice with Skype for Business 2015” exam (70-333).


Skype for Business: Infrastructure Planning and Design - Available now
First in a series of Skype for Business Infrastructure courses, this course guides you through planning and designing server components. This course will help you prepare for the “Core Solutions of Microsoft Skype for Business 2015” exam (70-334).


We will continue to provide updates when the next Voice and Infrastructure courses are going to be available.


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Do you offer a similar free course for end users? A 90 minute offering on concepts, basic client usage and maybe some advanced topics would be a tremendous benefit.

Yes David. The Skype for Business: Fundamentals - Available now is designed for end-users to describe key features, basic functionalities.

Thanks for the response. I'm looking for more of a how-to class - functionality overview, creating meetings, using the client.

@David Phillips did you find the answer yet?


For quick how-to's I tend to use the following:


Discover Skype for Business

Explore Skype for Business

Let me know if this helps? If not, I'll help you searching something more suitable






I have seen both, thank you. By the way, have you clicked on the "Skype for Business 2016 training" in the second link you posted? Unless I'm missing something, that course is not even close to being complete. Hope that gets resolved soon.

Where's that link on the page? I'm not seeing it ..!

Click on Go to Course. There's one page, ends with "In the next module, we'll take a tour", then nothing more.

Hahaha true!!


You can't blame it, though. The page said it was going to take a tour. Too bad it never came back.


We have to report this .. thanks for noticing


Let me get someone to fix this .. don't know who, but I'll get it fixed.


Btw, would this page help you with what you needed?




Thanks for addressing it.

If it had a complete end to end training course, yes, it would help with what I'm looking for.

Thank you for noticing


I have already submitted a feedback question, but I'll keep asking to get this fixed


I'll let you know on a future reply how did it go