Skype for Business Mobile client initial configuration question

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I have a US tenant with Cloud PBX and PSTN dialling using a domestic dialling plan configured.
My question is "When configuring the mobile phone client for the first time after the sign is complete you are promoting for a mobile number... is this your PSTN number provided by your Microsoft tenant in the form of +1 (xxx) xxxx
xxxx "or" your cell phone number provided by your local ISP."
Thanks if you can help
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Hi Nate

It should be your cell phone number. This number will called from the SfB Online Server if your data mobile connection is limited or if your mobile is connected in a 4G network and the mobilty policy says you need to be connected in a WiFi network to make audio-calls.


Hi Andy thanks for your feedback.

What I'm trying to understand is how you can remove your current Cellular provider? It's seems your your getting charged twice? Once by MS for PSTN dialling and once by your cellular provider for a backup if your out of cellular data coverage or WiFi.

Your already paying a substantial amount for International and Domestic dialing.

What are your thoughts?


Hi Nate


You can disable this call via work feature. The Skype server doesn't call your cell number if you don't have a 4G or WiFi connection. This configuration setting is available in the SfB Online Powershell Module. 

Get-CsUser | Grant-CsMobilityPolicy -PolicyName Tag:MobilityDisableOutsideVoic

Currently you can't create a Mobility Policy to require WiFi for Voice traffic. Please advise these mobile users, without a mobile data flatrate, to set the right configuration in the mobile app (Require WiFi for Voice calls). 


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