Skype for Business Mobile Client can't use click to join using URL after IOS 10 upgrade

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Anyone aware? When this can be fixed? It is a great miss and don't MS test this feature out along with APPLE when the new IOS come out? Are we expecting another SFB release to fix it? If yes, when.

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Yes i can repro the issue.  Looks like its sitting on the meeting join page in safari and the app doesn't open.

It's known and Microsoft has published the following:


They're looking into it.

The changes were made in online. On-premises Server 2015 should be included in CU4 (due shortly), Server 2013 should be included in CU8HF1 (also due shortly).

It happened as well for IOS9 and by then a Server CU was the fix. Not sure if it will be covered in the next CU or not. join the meeting from the Skype for Business app should still be ok though.

I wonder why MS didn't correct this before iOS 10 was made public. iOS 10 was available in beta for some montths before been released so it is very strange. As told this was the same problem we saw in iOS 9.