Skype for business default anonymous user to lobby

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Good day,


I would like to know, the meeting setting that we would use in the client (as following link). Is there a way to default all anonymous participant to wait at the lobby from server end?


I have a global meeting configuration setting which has the "Admit anonymous users by default" checked. I have created a Pool meeting configuration for pool1 and have "Admit anonymous users by default" unchecked. Pardon me for not able to alter the global setting.


with pool1 user, i tried creating a meeting and in the client option, i am able to set "Anyone (no restrictions)". I have tried to send the meeting invite to hotmail account, and the hotmail guest is able to just hop in without staying in the lobby.


What was the possible wrong here, how do I enforce from server end to have all anonymous participants waiting at the lobby? Cheer!

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