Skype for business Cloud PBX yes or no ?


Hi guys,

We are a company with 4 sites.

3 in europe and 1 in US.

At the moment every site has his own PBX on prem.

We adapted O365 E3 last year and realy like it.

So our next step would be to implement a cloud pbx for all the sites so we have one console.

So our goal would me to migrate to SFB with pstn (cloud pbx).

Anyone has any experience positve or negative ? 

We would start with a small office of 8 phones and if ok do the whole company.

I heard that skype for busines will migrate to teams so it will be a whole new backend ?

Does this mean it will also have all solutions that other cloud pbx offer ? 





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Hi David,


Upgrading to Microsoft Phone System (old name CloudPBX) has some limitations and dependencies.

US -> Calling Plan (old name: PSTN Calling) is already possible for the US.


For Europe, what country's are you in? If Calling Plan (old name: PSTN Calling) is not available yet, you will need to have a CCE (Cloud Connector Edition). With this appliance you will deliver your own SIP trunk to the Microsoft Phone System.


I'd start with checking this out, if you haven't seen it already - Here's what you get with Phone System in Office 365 and this:



You will be looking at E5 or the required add-ons for starters. 

Hi Erwin

Thanks for the reply's.

We are in BE/FR/US/UK


We would start in UK then BE ... 

So UK is available BE is in preview so i think it will be ok.

The CCE does not mean a onprem lync server then ? 






Hi Cian,


Ok thanks i will look at the i asume this is from the last Ignite so it will be most relevant.


Thanks !

BE should't take long anymore before going public. (it's removed from the


CCE means you need some dedicated hardware (with Windows), install CCE on top (4 virtual machines) wich will connect to Microsoft Phone System and your SBC (Session Border Controller) wich is connected to your SIP or ISDN trunk. (