Skype for Bus. Ext Communications settings. Office 365.

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Hey Guys, 


Kinda of a dumb question but well sorry. So i want to make sure i understand the Skype for Bus ext communication settings, tenant wide vs user. 


1) If i completely disable external contact communication for Skype for Bus and/or Public IM. Will that specific setting override users settings? 

2) What is the relationship / priority of User Settings vs Tenant Wide Settings? Which takes preference. 


I see a lot of documentation out there that covers both user settings and tenant settings, but nothing that explains the relationship/precedence of the two different settings. This is all for Office 365 only, no on-prem skype servers. 




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The per-user setting should take precedence


@Vasil Michev wrote:

The per-user setting should take precedence

OK thanks for the clarification.