Skype Contacts Lost and Meetings Not Working

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Random users experiencing missing Skype Contacts and/or expired meetings.  This is due to a bug in Lync 2013's backend systems. It was told that it was fixed but we are still seeing after updating the CU few months back. Anyone aware of or seeing this issue?

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Not heard of anything of that? What kind of scale is the issue? can you find a signature for the issue in event logs or SQL reporting services to get an idea of the scale and common denominators?

Atleast i heard 10 users every time we reboot the FE, and so for last 3 to 4 months, around 50 to 100 users, and some of them are same users, and happening to them always. Also do you have the SQL query which shows these type of issues? If yes, share. We were trying to do that to see if we can proactively recover till MS fix it permanently but we couldn't. Eventvwr doesn't tell anything either. Kind of a ghost at this time.


Sorry I don't have a query, but in T-Shooting this type of issue looking for a common error in the event log or CDR is usually a good starting point to try to narrow it down. Sounds like you've looked at event log already.


"the FE" - Standard Edition or a single FE EE?


Can you describe the exact symptoms?


"Missing skype contacts" - one or all? do they come back or gone forever?

"expired meetings" - dynamic/private meetings or their "public/static" meeting space?


Do you have a ticket running with MSFT?



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