Skype Broadcast branding and custom "curtains" before & after broadcasting?

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Hi all!


When SFB Broadcasting was presented during the MS Ignite 2015 (Session BRK3198), we were all shown nice branding capabilitles and the possibility to add start/close curtains.

Since this was in the roadmap at that time, it would be nice to hear an update on these settings.

It is highly requested by our customers.


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Requested by us too! Any timeline Microsoft?

Is there any news on this from Microsoft?

Anxiously waiting on this as well.  It would really help drive adoption at my organization.

My clients are still waiting for this feature. Please update us on it's availability.

I'd like to reitterate that same question about the branding possibilities and curtains. I have got a conference coming up in October that we want to act as the "Broadcast Sponsor" - sounds great is very easy to for us to deliver using Skype for Business Broadcast. If course one of the key places where we would want to put that "sponsor" branding is upon the "curtains".. Any updates that MS can share ?

Bump!  Is anyone from MS reading this thread?