Sign in to Skype issue w/Multiple Domains.


I am having difficulties understanding the Authentication process.

If a machine is in a Domain of and a user is logged in as and they desire to login to skype as

Question:  Can/Will/Should that work?


Note: In both Scenario's the PC is in the tailspintoys domain and the logged in user is in the domain.

1. If they login to skype as it does works.

2. If they attempt it does not work.



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You might want to set the default SIP for userB to before userB can login.

And as well to ensure the DNS entries of is created for lyncdiscover, autodiscover and sip.

Thank you for the info.
Unfortunately we are cloud only and have sip set to
in DNS and on the Client we use Automatic configuration for the Internal/external server names. So I am not aware of what should be in the manual setup for the client. I verified my DNS setting are correct for both domains.

Another question on the same topic.

If a PC is logged into a Domain, should it work if skype is loaded and logged in as a totally different Federated account?

example: An outside contracted support person needs to access skype but from my PC. Should it work?

Yes, it will work providing your PC has Internet access.