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Hey Guys, 

I am getting ready to take my 70-347 exam and despite the tremendous amounts of studying i have been doing... The one area where i am pretty confused is on creating various policies. Like for instance this documentation here says that if you want to create a new CS-Client Policy, you need to reach out to office 365 support? 



Per-user policies must be created for you by Office 365 Support. After the policies are created, you can then assign them to users by using the appropriate Grant-Cs cmdlet (for example, Grant-CsExternalAccessPolicy). Per-user policies are easy to identify because the policy Identity always begins with the tag prefix. For example:


Is that true, do you need to have O365 support create Conferencing Policies, User Policies, External Access Policies? I realize you can use the Grant-* Command to set the policy for a user, or the Set-* command to modify existing policies but i cant find any clear documentation that explains whether or not you need to have office 365 support create the policies. 


If someone could shed some light on that and provide an explanation as to what changed and when. 





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You did notice that the article is dated 2015, right? :) We've been able to create new policies for a while now: http://www.enowsoftware.com/solutions-engine/using-custom-policies-with-skype-for-business-online

No i did and i appreciate your response. The vast majority of my Office 365 Experience has been with exchange online. So i just wasnt sure.

Thanks for the clarification.