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Hi Community, 


One of our customer raised the below query.


They have migration plan for a cross forest Lync 2013 to Skype Online migration, 




-Forest A has the Lync 2013 users with their SIP address set to

-All users are being moved to a new forest, which will have Office 365 with AADC

-New forest will have their SIP changed to a different domain i.e.




How the Lync accounts can be migrated to Skype online and preserve the contacts and chats?

Does the migration require an export of the users contacts etc via Lync PowerShell and then an import into Skype online?


Any pointers would be of great help. Many thanks.

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@NewlifeMake Skype for business hybrid scenario:
Skype for business hybrid configuration

Migrate users from Lync to Skype for business online via Lync control panel or powershell
Moving from SfB on-premises to Skype for business online

Contacts will migrate together, chat history is probably stored in the mailbox
Moving between Lync\Skype for business on-premises, meeting URLs change, so either sent out meetings needs to be updated by the user manually or you can use meeting migration service
Meeting migration service
If the company that you want to migrate uses Enterprise Voice features, you should investigate the needs separately.

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Thank you very much for this update. I think contact migration has been featured recently. It's very helpfull!!!

How come thank you message is the best response? :D

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Aaah.. sorry, by mistake I did it. just changed it. Thanks again!!

@Arūnas Malūkas wrote:

How come thank you message is the best response? :D


If I understand the question right the Lync 2013 is in one forest (Forest A) and the users are synced from another Active Directory forest to Azure AD (Office 365), so there is no Skype Hybrid setup between the current Lync 2013 setup and Skype Online and you need to sync users from Forest A to Azure AD to migrate Skype users. So if there is no hybrid setup from current Lync 2013 you won't be able to migrate users with their contact list.