SfB Online CDR reporting (PSTN and non-PSTN)

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Our organisation has recently moved to SfB Online for telephony - replacing traditional desk phones for internal and external calling.


A bit of background to help set the scene....


We have an on-premise (Cisco) PSTN connectivity with (Sonus SBC) Cloud Connector Edition setup.


We have been unable to get meaningful CDR reports for users from either Cisco or SfB Online:

  • These users don't appear in the SfB Online PSTN usage report (presumably because we don't have an O365 calling plan)
  • These users don't appear in Cisco CDR as Cisco is handing off the call to SfB Online

We would like to be able to report on the following, down to the individual user level:

  • Call volumes (calls made/received)
  • abandoned call rate
  • answered call rate
  • internal calls made
  • external calls made

We have not implemented auto attendant or call queues, as this is not the way in which the organisation operates.


Does anyone know the following:

  • Does SfB Online CDR contain the above level of detail
  • How to go about accessing SfB Online CDR
  • Does SfB Online CDR include internal calls - i.e. Skype to Skype