SfB Online Auto-attendant Configuration

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Just joined the Skype for Business Preview program.  Trying to setup the Auto Attendant.  Have watched the training video and understand I need a Service Number first.  Working with support to convert a User Number to a Service Number. Next step in the training is to access the Call Routing feature to setup the Auto Attendant.  I don't see this option under the Skype for Business admin center.  Where can I find this Call Routing feature?  An I missing something or not fully implemented for the preview program?  

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Hi Mark,

OrgAA is a preview feature, your tenant needs to be enabled for the configure options to showup, did you receive the onboarding email from us for this ? Feel free to reach out to skypeexp@microsoft.com for any preview questions. Thanks!

Hello Mohamad,


I did not receive the "onboarding email" or missed it.  I'll reachout to skypeexp@microsoft.com and reqest that it be resent.  Thanks for your reply.  

Hello Mohamad,


I received the "onboard email" from skypeexp@microsoft.com.  I downloaded the instructions and confirmed that I have completed all the steps down to Phase 1.  These instructions were inculded in the training videos.  The "call routing" feature in phase 1 is missing from my tenant.  I have replied to skypeexp@mirosoft.com and ask for help to enable this feature in my tenant.  


Your Skype for Business Preview website has instructions for engaging Office365 support on these issues but the instructons don't work.  Per the Office365 support engineer, the feature to enage the "Skype for Business Preview" group is not available in the "concierge" support screen in my tenant.  This and other features were removed from tenant portals when the "concierge" support pages were implemented.   You need to update the "Create Support Request" instructions at the bottom of the Preview website home page.