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I have several users with iphone and android SFB Online latest app (6.14) who encountered issue that during deep sleep (> 30 minutes sleep), they couldn't receive incoming call.


Just wonder what is used to detect the incoming call during deep sleep?

(1) push notification

(2) persistent sip connection with the SFB online server.

(3) others?


Thank you.

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I would guess its push notifications.

After deep sleep, do they get notifications of IM?



Sadly the iphone didn't wake up from deep sleep, it is in a "coma" :(

Im having this same issue as well. I can watch a call come through on my desktop but after about 30-60 mins they dont seemt o transfer or ring simultanious to my iphone. Is this only an iPhone issue? 



After many many hours of simulation over weekend :( ...


I observe this scenario:


1.  I set the Android phone screen timeout to 1 hour, so that it won't sleep within 1 hour.

2.  I run the Android SFB app and make a call to confirm it is working

3.  I left the Android phone on the table, and let the app in the foreground.

4.  After 5 minutes, you can observe the presence status of the SFB app change from "available" to "inactive".  Remember not to touch the app.

5.  After 30 minutes or so, you can try to make an incoming call or IM, and there won't be any push notifications to the phone.


I believe the same thing can happen to iphone.

My take is that the similar presence status change happen during sleep.


Is this a bug or feature?


yeah its the same situation over here. The worst part is that its impacting the route to since we use the Skype for Business PBX and queue calls. Some of the people have noticed that they get a call from the queue and it pops up on their PC but phone should ring as well but it doesnt if its in this so called deep sleep. So the call if they are not at their desk will get missed. 


Interesting part is if they call the direct number for that user or if I have a send to person set up that part works. Calls the queue number, queue tries to send to mobile skype for business but after 4 mins of on hold it will send to person and then phone will ring. 


So to me it seems like a bug 

I really hope Microsoft understands that most if not all people put the phone (iphone or android) to sleep and expects to be notified of incoming call or IM. Just like whatsapp, and your good old GSM phone calls.

Hi Khoon Yong,


Any news on this one. I have the same issue and also tested it with iPhone and Windows Phone.

All three have the same problem.

To me and my customer it looked like the issue was introduced (again) somewhere around end of April begining of May.

Looks like a update issue to me !





hi Paul,


I haven't tested on any new versions of the mobile app yet, so not sure if MS had resolved the issues or not.  If your testing is done on the latest version, then it is pretty sad for the customers who are disappointed, and we as the solution provider are embarrassed and received harsh complaints.