SfB isn't for everyone - what can be done?

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Hi, 20 % of the workforce is doing their work on Linux and the remaining is on Windows. Our challenge is to find collaboration solution that can work for everyone - sometime. We are trying to identify the top 5 pains and then look for one or several technical solutions to bridge the gap between the Linux and Windows communities. Is it someone here that has been able to find a good enough solution for screen sharing, video meetings etc? 

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Hi Joakim

The best solution for those Linux users would be a WebRTC app to address this. Teams will have all features in WebRTC soon (it's on the roadmap) or do you need to remain on SfB for a while? There are also 3rd parties that can do this today too that will bridge Skype point to point calls and meetings, using WebRTC, so Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

As far as I know, WebRTC isn't coming to Skype 2015 or 2019, as this was asked at a session I was in at Ignite last year.