Screen sharing with Logitech SRS v2 setup

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I've recently been testing the SRS Surface Pro 4 setup with a Logitech dock and had a question about the SRS software's behavior. Can the software receive a point to point screen share from someone else on Skype for Business? During testing, I haven't had success with this in my environment. I can hear the toast for the screen share session on the SRS system when another user starts a screen share, but I do not have options to accept the screen share like I do a point to point call. Is there an available setting to change this behavior or something simple I may have missed in configuration?

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You need to be in a SfB Meeting from memory for it work.  If I get some time, I will test with mine and check what happens in different tests.

This was the same behavior I've seen during testing. As long as there is an active point to point call or the SRS is part of a Skype meeting, it'll receive content. However, I can't accept a screen-share only session. Graham (or anyone else knowledgable on the matter), get back with me on this thread if you can. I'm putting together some user best practices for the SRS system and want to include how best to use this feature in my notes.
Hi Joseph

I've been doing some testing today with v2 and v3 and the SRSv2 cannot accept any IMs or Content (internal or Federated) without being in a call. The SRS must be in a call for IM and content to work. Obviously plugging a cable into the SRS is fine.

I can see this as a good thing as it prevents people just sending random content into a SRS system from 1/2 way around the world.