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do you guys find it annoying as well that altering Skype meeting options on an existing meeting invite gets only updated when the Send button (send update) is hit? Why are changes not written back to Lync/SfB Server when "just" saving the invite afterwards?!


When people are inviting lots of people they don't want to send an update to all of them, just because they added someone else as presenter or disabled entry/exit announcements.


Lync Server 2013, Outlook 2013 with SfB 2015 Client (v15.0.4903.1001)





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Hello Daniel,


The only reason why we need to send the meeting invite is to inform the Skype for Business Server that there has been certain changes made in the meeting and whatever changes has been made needs to be update to everyone who are a part of the meeting. In case you don't want to update everyone about the changes made whenever the meeting is going on or whenever is the meeting running we can make the changes to that current instance of the meeting.


By just saving the instance of the meeting post making the changes it would not let the Skype for Business Server about the changes being made to the Skype for Business Meeting hence the changes would not get updated.


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It appears that you always have to send to everyone every time you add / remove someone from the meeting after you've made certain changes, particularly, if you are choosing specific people as presenters.

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sorry for the late reply. 


Yes, but this is exactly the annoying point. Organizer is just changing, let's say, "mute audience" and then needs to update the invite and send it to everyone.


Instead, it shouldn't be a big issue to implement the "update server information" function, which currently seems to be only available with the "send" method, also to be added to the "save" method.