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We run Skype For Business and 2016 (16.0.4456.1003 both 32bit and 64bit) and have a regular issues.  It seems to lock up on calls on a regualrd basis if screen sharing is active. Sometimes it does not want to even make a call and inorder to get it to work you have to kill it with task manager then start it back then it is "fine".   And various other odd issues.


Our users that run both Skype for Business and regular skype keep reverting back to regular skype as it has been more stable.


Any thoughts, tricks or knowledge a fixes coming along?




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We are suffering from these same issues on recent versions of SkypefB including the current version (2016 MSO 16.0.4498.1000 64bit) of the client on W7 and W10 with current patches. We use Sophos 10.7. Anyone have any ideas or is this a widespread problem?

Hi @Alan Jones - I'm moving your conversation over to the IT Pro board in hopes you'll recieve more responses.  Additionally, I hope you've opened a ticket on this issue.  If so, please share what might have been the cause since it sounds like others might have had the experience.  If you haven't already opened a support ticket and are experiencing the issue, please do.  Thank you!

What is your network route like for Skype traffic. Nearly everything related to Skype is down to networks, as I know to my peril at the moment.


If traffic is going via a proxy then it's almost cetainly related.


In our case we do not have a proxy and have run the Office 365 Fast Track Network Analysis and everything gets a green light (see below). We have also run checks on our clients to ensure the correct software versions. On my Microsoft Surface fully patched with W10, Office 2016... Outlook and the web browser running, my system slows to a crawl when the meeting presenter shares their screen. Happened again today. Speed test statistics --------------------- Download speed: -- kbps Upload speed: 49008 kbps Download consistency of service: -- % Upload consistency of service: 69 % Download test type: -- Upload test type: POST Maximum TCP delay: -- ms Average download pause: -- ms Minimum round trip time to server: 1 ms Average round trip time to server: 6 ms Estimated download bandwidth: -- Route concurrency: -- Download TCP forced idle: -- Maximum route speed: 524280 kbps VoIP test statistics -------------------- Jitter: you --> server: -- ms Jitter: server --> you: -- ms Packet loss: you --> server: -- % Packet loss: server --> you: 0.0 % Packet discards: 0.0 % Packets out of order: 100.0 % Estimated MOS score: -- Capacity test statistics ------------------------ Download capacity: 79439784 bps Download packets per second: 9929 Upload capacity: 79840312 bps Upload packets per second: 9980 Quality of service: 98 % Packet size: 1000 Bytes

I would raise a ticket, I have the same laptop and similar network, but don't see any issues with screen sharing, and do it several times a day.

To close the loop for the benefit of others, this issue seems to have been fixed with the W10 spring creators update. The issue only occurred when using the Surface dock and external monitor as dual screens. With a standalone Surface there was no issue.