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Is it possible to have users register for a Skype Meeting Broadcast?  If not, is this something that is on the roadmap?

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We use EventBuilder (3rd Party) for our Skype registration. This is also the tool the the MSFT Skype team uses when hosting large partner focused broadcasts to plug the registration gap in their own product :) 


You can check out their website at < Actual website :)


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Brandon Long

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Good idea, thanks Brandon!

Thanks!  We are going to start using their Beta version for Skype Broadcast Webinars. :)

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Is event builder registration still an option? When I look at their site I do not see anywhere to create an account or setup registration.


If not, does anyone know of other registration solutions for Skype Broadcast?

EventBuilder is still awesome :)
Eventbuilder is still integrated with SMB as far as I know.

@Brandon Long Maybe I am missing something obvious...but when I go to that page I only see the option to login if you already have an account.


I don't see a link to register for a new account anywhere!